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01:202:202 Police
Description: The function of police in contemporary society; the problems arising between citizens and police from the enforcement and non-enforcement of laws, from social changes, and from individual and group police attitudes and practices.
Prerequisites: 01:202:201
Course Synopsis:

Professor KOHL, Section 01: This course will provide students with an in-depth examination of policing, from its very beginning to the present day. To enhance the learning experience, students will also receive personal perspectives from the instructor and guest speakers who are current practitioners in law enforcement, private security, the practice of law, specialists who work with or against law enforcement and others such as community activists who can contribute to a better understanding of policing. The specific dates of the guest speakers’ presentations have not yet been identified. However, the following course schedule is dynamic and provides time for multiple presentations, special/additional reading assignments and other updates.  We will not engage in an in-depth discussion of the textbook and handout assignments. While the classroom lectures and discussions will often parallel the readings, students will still be expected to read and understand the assignments. A combination of textbook readings, outside reading assignments, lectures, current events, classroom discussions and presentations from guest speakers will all provide students with a more comprehensive understanding of the challenges faced by modern police departments. Exam and quiz questions will focus on information from all the above.


Professor HISCHFIELD, Section 02: This course will provide students with an in-depth examination of the institution of policing, from its very beginning to the present day.  Topics given special emphasis in the course include the social, political, legal, and technological forces shaping the police profession, the challenges of policing a Democratic and diverse society, the effectiveness of particular police interventions, and police reform and accountability. Students will gain a better understanding and appreciation of the American policing system through a combination of textbook readings, classroom lectures and discussions, supplemental videos, and a guest speaker. Although the classroom presentations and discussions will often parallel the readings, students will be expected to do all assigned readings on their own.

Current Syllabus: Fall 2017 KOHL
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