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01:202:407 Internship in Criminal Justice
Description: The internships are 120 hands-on hours in a local criminal/administration of justice agency. Involves an intensive learning experience under professional agency supervision, as well as periodic symposiums and study sessions, research, term papers, and oral presentations.
Prerequisites: 01:202:201
A minimum of 3 credits in Criminal Justice
Junior or Senior standing
Permission of the department
Minimum cumulative 2.7 GPA
Course Synopsis: Professor WINSTEAD: Internship programs have become an integral part of the experiential learning process for students seeking careers in public service or the private sector. Such programs bridge the academic and practitioner arenas and provide a rich understanding for students by affording them “hands on” experience at various federal, state, and local criminal justice agencies or in private sectors. Through interactions with practitioners, students develop marketable skills, begin to establish valuable networks, and oftentimes their internship is a pathway for future employment with their sponsoring agency. Through observation and participation, students are better informed to decide on career choices. Similarly, students can recognize the value of classroom learned theoretical concepts are they are applied in the professional environment.
Current Syllabus: Spring 2018 WINSTEAD
Previous Syllabi:

Fall 2017 WINSTEAD
Spring 2017 WINSTEAD
Fall 2016 WINSTEAD

Spring 2016 WINSTEAD

Fall 2015 WINSTEAD

Spring 2015 WINSTEAD

Fall 2014 WINSTEAD
Summer 2014 WINSTEAD

Spring 2014 WINSTEAD
Fall 2013 WINSTEAD
Summer 2013 WINSTEAD
Spring 2013 WINSTEAD
Fall 2012 WINSTEAD

Summer 2012 WINSTEAD
Spring 2012 MCCANN
Fall 2011 MCCANN
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