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01:202:497 Special Topics
Description: Focuses on critical issues in criminal justice. May encompass topics related to law, law enforcement, the courts, corrections, etc. Specific issues are determined by the instructor.
Prerequisites: 01:202:201
Course Synopsis:

Professor MUNI, Section 80/81, Understanding School Violence: The past six decades of presidential platforms have focused on either criminal justice or homeland security issues.  Each presidential candidate offering plans to create policies that will reduce crime, racial disparity, and improve homeland security.   During the past 20 years along with crime, racial disparity, and homeland security issues, school districts have had to deal with waves of school violence.   One of the earliest deadly massacres, however, occurred in 1927, thus school violence is not new.   Since school violence is not a new phenomenon, then why has school violence developed such an interest from the public?  Is the problem as bad as it seems or is the media creating fear?  

This course offers an introduction to school violence.  Throughout the semester we will explore the nature and extent, causes and consequences, and proposed remedies to widely recognized forms of school violence such as bullying, fighting, sexual assaults/harassment, dating violence, and school shootings.   Students are asked to keep an open mind about how they feel the problems of school violence could be addressed and solved.

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