Course Syllabi

Fall 2016

01:202:201:01 Intro. to Criminal Justice SZEJNER

01:202:201:03 Intro. to Criminal Justice DONNELLY

01:202:201:04 Intro. to Criminal Justice PAOLILLO

01:202:201:05 Intro. to Criminal Justice SOTO

01:202:201:90 Intro. to Criminal Justice ZGOBA

01:202:202:01 Police KOHL

01:202:202:02 Police TRIGG

01:202:203:01 Prisons and Prisoners WELCH

01:202:203:03 Prisons and Prisoners SIULC

01:202:204 Crime and Public Policy MAYFRYER

01:202:205 Criminal Procedure KOHL

01:202:302 Police Organization and Administration DONNELLY

01:202:305 Scientific Applications in Justice DESIRE

01:202:307 Criminal Justice Research Methods SALERNO

01:202:309:01 Criminal Law: Theory and Practice NETTL

01:202:309:80 Criminal Law: Theory and Practice LAVINE

01:202:310 Victimology and Domestic Violence WINSTEAD

01:202:322:01 Juvenile Justice CARR

01:202:322:81 Juvenile Justice RUSSELL

01:202:322:80 Juvenile Justice SHERIDAN

01:202:327 Sex, Crimes, and Justice DESIRE

01:202:388 Criminal Justice Seminar: Wrongful Conviction WEILL-GREENBERG

01:202:389 Criminal Justice Seminar: Crimmigration WILSON

01:202:406 Internship in Criminal Justice WINSTEAD

01:202:407 Internship in Criminal Justice WINSTEAD

01:202:408 Internship in Criminal Justice WINSTEAD

01:202:488 Advanced Criminal Justice Seminar: Intro. to Intelligence Studies FARMER

01:202:496:01 Special Topics: Comparative Crime and Punishment MILLER

01:202:496:02 Special Topics: Torture and Human Rights WELCH

01:202:497:01 Special Topics: Ethical Issues in Criminal Justice SZEJNER

01:202:497:80 Special Topics: The Psychology Behind the Criminal Mind ZGOBA



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