01:202:388 Criminal Justice Seminar
Description: Examination of some central issues in contemporary criminal justice. Topics vary from semester to semester.
Prerequisites: See Course Synopsis.
Course Synopsis:

Professor SIULC, Evidence and Witnessing: This course provides an introduction to the multiple methods and evidence people use to document and express legal claims and the injustices they have witnessed or endured. We will consider the role of various forms of evidence, witnessing, testimony, and reporting in formal legal contexts and in the public sphere. Course materials present examples from the United States and around the world that involve written and spoken narrative and testimony, research data and statistics, and media and expressive cultures (documentary, music, poetry) in people’s claims about truth, justice, and rights.

Professor SIULC, Law, Justice, Rights: This seminar explores how law and legalities are socially constructed and deployed and the varied meanings and practices of justice and rights, both within and beyond the law. Readings will review foundational social scientific theories that provide tools for understanding how societies construct social rules and norms, define and administer justice and rights, and maintain social order and cohesion, as well as key texts in the anthropology of law, politics, and governance, and contemporary ethnographic studies focused on topics such as crime, health, immigration, power and inequality, national identity and personhood, social movements, policing, punishment, and security. Course materials present ethnographic examples from communities and social groups in the United States and around the world. Finally, we will consider the role critical engaged anthropology can play in influencing rights claims and ameliorating injustices. This seminar is ideally suited for upper-level students who have already taken an introductory anthropology or other social science course and are comfortable participating in class discussions.

Current Syllabus:

Spring 2018 SIULC, SEC 01
Spring 2018 SIULC, SEC 02

Previous Syllabi:

Spring 2017 SIULC, SEC 01
Spring 2017 SIULC, SEC 02
Spring 2016 YUZUK
Summer 2015 ZGOBA
Spring 2015 YUZUK
Spring 2014 SIULC
Summer 2013 YUZUK
Fall 2012 YUZUK
Fall 2012 WALEN
Summer 2012 MUNI
Spring 2012 MORAN
Fall 2011 WALEN