01:202:496 Special Topics
Description: Focuses on critical issues in criminal justice. May encompass topics related to law, law enforcement, the courts, corrections, etc. Specific issues are determined by the instructor.
Prerequisites: 01:202:201
Course Synopsis:

Professor KOHL, Section 80, Contemporary Issues in Policing: This course will provide students with an in-depth examination of contemporary policing practices and associated philosophies. Through discussion of current issues and challenges facing police, communities and individuals in America, the class will analyze the broad spectrum of contemporary policing practices employed and the positive and negative impacts of each. The course will compare and contrast evolving operational practices in policing, take an in-depth look at the diversification and broadening of police services, and conclude with an investigation and better understanding of how each of these policing alternatives might impact the future of policing in America.

Professor MILLER, Section 02, Comparative Crime and Punishment: In this class, we will explore the US case in a comparative context, seeking to understand variation in imprisonment in democratic countries. In order to do this, we will seek to understand what factors contribute to imprisonment, how and with what consequences crime becomes a political issue and what extremely high rates of violence and incarceration can tell us about politics and inequality more generally in the United States, compared to other democratic countries.

Current Syllabus:

Spring 2018 MILLER
Spring 2018 KOHL(Mercer)

Previous Syllabi:

Fall 2017 TRIGG
Fall 2017 MAYFRYER (Brookdale)
Fall 2017 MAYFRYER (Mercer)Spring 2017 SZEJNER
Spring 2017 YUZUK
Fall 2016 MILLER

Fall 2016 WELCH
Spring 2016 SZEJNER

Spring 2016 ZGOBA
Fall 2015 WELCH

Summer 2015 SZEJNER

Spring 2015 SZEJNER
Spring 2015 MILLER
Spring 2015 YUZUK
Fall 2014 WELCH
Summer 2014 SZEJNER
Spring 2014 SZEJNER

Spring 2014 MILLER
Spring 2014 YUZUK
Fall 2013 PIEHL
Fall 2013 WELCH
Fall 2013 SZEJNER
Summer 2013 SZEJNER
Spring 2013 SZEJNER
Spring 2013 WELCH
Fall 2012 SZEJNER
Spring 2012 KRIVO
Spring 2012 MCCANN
Fall 2011 CARR
Fall 2011 SZEJNER
Fall 2011 ZGOBA
Summer 2011 ZGOBA
Fall 2010 MCCANN
Fall 2010 CARR
Fall 2010 SZEJNER
Fall 2010 KRIVO
Summer 2010 SZEJNER