01:202:360 Ideas in Justice
Description: Twentieth-century contributions to the development and application of penology, criminology, and criminal and social justice; study of the main ideas and key events that influenced the ideas and ideals evident in our social institutions.


**Can not receive credit for this class if student completed 01:202:405.

Course Synopsis:

Professor DESIRE: Forensic DNA profiling is the newest of the scientific disciplines used in criminal justice. This course is designed to teach the workings of this division and how law enforcement, prosecutors, defense attorneys and correctional officers can make better use of this gold standard of forensic identification. Students will cover the history of DNA profiling, how it came to be used in police investigations. Constitutional law will be a main point of proper use, pertaining to legal search and seizures. Proper investigations will be design by the students to collect, compare and use the results. Exploration into the ever expanding use of DNA technology in homeland security, fighting terrorism and identifying victims will be covered. Determine the public fear of government in the context of what is real versus fiction. This is important to learn how to bring a case to court and make use of their expert witnesses while keeping the pulse of the jury. An in depth study of crime labs on the local, state and federal level which is to include how they are run, funding and success. Special attention will be paid to the current challenges most crime labs face, backlogs. Through the semester ethics in criminal justice will be taught through example with attention towards actual violations, what caused them and how we can correct.

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