KimberleeMoran"Kimberlee Sue Moran is no ordinary geek. As Geekadelphia’s Scientist of the Year, her crowning achievement was blowing up a bus filled with dead animals to help first responders learn how to identify bombing victims.

“They got an understanding of debris patterns and developed a protocol where they could reconstruct what happened and recover both biological and non-biological evidence,’’ explains Moran, a Rutgers-Camden forensic archaeology professor and grant facilitator.


Her forensic exercise was a success. But what was so geeky about it?

Maybe the fact that Moran and her assistants created characters for each animal, complete with names, occupations and phony IDs. Then they dressed them in human clothes. The animals, from the Rutgers Farm in New Brunswick, had died of natural causes or been put down due to illness. 

The Geekadelphia website explains why Moran was a winner. '(She) has done a lot to bring the world of forensic science to the Philadelphia region...'"