This is the master course list of both criminal justice courses that are offered within our program, as well as the courses that are offered by outside departments which satisfy the Thematic requirements of the Criminal Justice major.  

Please be advised that not all of these courses are offered every semester.   To check out our past course offerings, please take a look at our course schedules available by semester.   More detailed course descriptions and course syllabi are located on the Course Descriptions page, and course syllabi can also be found by semester on the Course Syllabi page.   For more information about internships, independent study, and honors research thesis projects, please visit the respective pages.

These courses are used to satisfy the Thematic requirements of the C.J. Major.


Theme: Human Behavior, Deviance, and Crime (HBDC)

American Studies
01:050:324       Wayward Americans

01:070:310       Human Aggression

01:830:375       Prejudice and Conflict

01:920:304       Sociology of Deviant Behavior
01:920:306       Race Relations
01:920:307       Sociology of Mental Illness
01:920:361       Sociology of Drug Use
01:920:410       Sociology of Alcohol Problems


Theme: Social Control Institutions (SCI)

Africana Studies
01:014:353       Black Community Law and Social Change

01:220:395       Law and Economics

11:370:490       How to Get Away with Murder

01:512:404       Constitutional History from 1865

Political Science
01:790:340       Law and Society
01:790:341       Public Administration
01:790:404       Politics of Criminal Justice

Latino & Hispanic Caribbean Studies
01:595:370       Law and the Latino Community

01:920:349       Law and Society


Theme: Law and Ethics (LE)

01:730:342       Social and Political Philosophy
01:730:345       Philosophy and the Law
01:730:358       Philosophy of Law

Political Science
01:790:373       Legal Philosophy, Rights, and Justice
01:790:401       American Constitutional Law
01:790:406       Civil Liberties and Civil Rights

Women’s and Gender Studies
01:988:307       Women and the Law